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20 Audio Visuals

The meeting on Monday 6th December was devoted to an evening of exceptional AV sequences by Sheila Haycox from Exmouth. We were fortunate enough to have seen her work previously at the club and knew we would be in for another entertaining evening.
Sheila selected a wide range of subjects from a nostalgic return to Paris after 50 years, and a moving documentary about the Welsh slate industry at the turn of the century.
Travel sequences followed from Scotland, Cuba and the exotic wildlife of Costa Rica.
A very poignant reminder of the suffering of the Jews who were interned and died, in Terazin, Prague in the concentration camp there, during the second world war.
On a lighter note humour came in the form of 'Daisy's Bizarre Day Out'. An elephant narrating her adventures, total enjoyable fantasy!.
Some lovely landscapes were shown from Scotland and Stourhead in the Autumn.
Love was in the air from 'Aunt Lucy' when she fell in love in Venice with a Gondolier.
The programme finished with 'The Invasion'. Jet Skiers invaded the Seals beach and we heard the disapproving commentary from the seals, just like the grumpy old men from the Muppets. A very funny sequence to end such an enjoyable night at the club.