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Mum's gone to Iceland

Members met on Monday 6th November for an evening with our Vice Chair, Cherrie Temple. In March Cherrie, together with her son Tristan, flew to Iceland for a visit to this volcanic island. Situated just south of the Arctic Circle, it is a mostly desolate country of black basalt rock, lava fields and glaciers. The tourist industry highlights the drama of volcanoes, geysers and pools of boiling mud.
The glaciers include Vatnajokull, the largest in the Northern Hemisphere outside of Greenland, and the impressive Stokkur Geyser erupting every two minutes belching clouds of steam into the air up to 70 feet high.
Cherrie and Tristan based themselves in the southern Reykjavik peninsular and took us on many photographic excursions to sites of interest with spectacular scenery.
She had also produced two Photo Books which captured the rugged beauty of this 'Land of Ice and Fire'.
We all congratulated her for giving us such a wonderful presentation