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Final meeting of the Season

Monday 9th May was the final meeting of the 2021/22 Season and one in which we were all able to meet face to face again since the pandemic began.
The evening commenced with the presentation of the Annual Awards in recognition of members Competition achievements over the season. Cups, Trophies and Certificates were presented in the following classes.
In the PDI class the winners were 1st. Stuart Warstat, 2nd. Sue Mortimer and 3rd. Steve Presnell. The Print class winners were 1st. David Mortimer 2nd. Stuart Warstat and 3rd. Cherrie Temple.
Following the awards, members each presented a 15 minute Mini Lecture on any subject of their choice.
Nigel commenced with an interesting video on the final days of the old Watchet Paper Mill. This video showed
paper being produced for the manufacture of cardboard and boxes.
Kevin produced a load of unusual flash equipment comprising of various diffusers, gels, honeycombs etc. for use on Speedlite flash units, some of which we had never seen before.
Stuart followed with a collection of images taken at our recent close up and macro evening with some very creative use of vegetable shapes and textures. Some of which he used to emulate the work of well known artists such as Andy Warhol.
Steve chose to split his talk into three parts, Walks and Walking, which showed may holiday walks on Dartmoor, Dunkery and the Dorset Coast. Second we had Winter Landscapes with moody, misty views of Watersmeet, Hopcott and Selworthy Green.
Finally we had Contrasts, Field pattern, Sand patterns, buildings and nature as well as contrasts in size of objects and age comparisons with a few people portraits.
Next Sue presented the history of Thundercat Racing and explained how this all started in South Africa in the 80's. She went on to explain the sport and showed many examples of what can go wrong when trying to photograph this high speed sport. Finishing with some of her award winning images of the craft leaping through the surf.
To end the evening, David chose to demonstrate producing creative images using layers and masks to create altered reality. He took six images and showed how these were constructed and built up and the methods used to produce some remarkable images.
The evening had been enjoyed by all. The Chairman closed by wishing everyone a wonderful Summer, whether at home or abroad, may the sun shine on you and give you good light.
We will all meet up again for the commencement of the new season on the 10th October 2022.