Competition Rules

A competition, for full members only, in four parts - subjects as per programme.

Entries to be:
  • Class 1 - Prints
  • Class 2 - Digital Projected Images
  • Class 3 - Commercial Prints
Class 1 Prints
Image capture on film: Negative development, print enlargement and development and final mounting to be the entire work of the member. Window mounts may be commercially cut.
Image capture by digital media: Photography or scanning, manipulation in PC, printing from own PC via inkjet printer or commercially printed and final mounting to be the entire work of the member. Window mounts may be commercially cut.

Class 2 Digital Projected Images
Requirements for DPI Competitions can be found here or a printed copy may be obtained from the Competition Secretary.

Class 3 Commercial Prints
Image capture: Both film and digital media may be processed by a commercial laboratory. By entering this class, the photographer agrees that they have not manipulated or altered any digital files prior to presenting them to the lab for printing.

Prints to be mounted in all cases.

The mount size for all prints to conform with PAGB and WCPF standards will be 50 x 40 centimetres. No other size will be accepted in Classes 1 and 3. All prints must have a minimum side dimension of 10” (25.4cm).

Copies of the work of others are ineligible.

Entries must not have won an award in any prior competition held by the Club nor be almost identical to an entry which has won an award.

Up to five entries may be made in each class. Only the one adjudged to be the best of the entry will qualify for points to be awarded as follows:
  • 1 for entering
  • 5 for 1st
  • 4 for 2nd
  • 3 for 3rd
  • 1 for H.C.
A Silver Cup, to be held for one year, will be awarded to the member with the highest aggregate of points in Classes 1, 2 and 3. Replicas will be awarded to first placings only in these Classes.

2nd February 2015

Download a Competition Entry Form here.

Download a copy of the Competition Rules here.