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75th Annual General Meeting

The 75th AGM was held at the Sainsbury Community Hall on Monday 6th February attended by the majority of the membership.
In his report the Chairman said this had been the first full year of face to face meetings since the end of the pandemic. We held all our Competitions with the help of our Judges who had once again assessed our work from home as in the previous year. It wasn't until November that we had our first live Judge for two years and this was a very positive step forward.
He went on to outline the various activities that had taken place during the year with reference to events such as Canon and PAGB lectures and a visit to Don Davis for an evening of 'Green Screen' photography which we all enjoyed. The practical evenings and of course the annual social were also highlighted.
We had gained a few new members, but levels are still critical and he told members that we all need to pull together and attend meetings regularly in the coming year.
Following the break, we had the opportunity to view the WCPF Members PDI Exhibition from 2022 which showcased the work from some of the many clubs within our own federation.