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PAGB Recorded Lecture

Thanks to the PAGB Recorded Lecture Service, members came together on Monday 28th February for a tutorial evening by Canon Cameras, entitled 'The Art of Seeing.'
During the two hour lecture we were introduced to the many aspects of creating a stunning picture. These included, What makes a stunning image, Evaluating the various components, Understanding the elements, Framing and composition, Lenses and lighting and making the most of the moment. Of course, plenty of patience, persistence and perseverance to get that shot. Finally chapter 9 was devoted to some simple post production work to tweek the final results.
All 10 chapters were illustrated by excellent examples to accompany the narration and also included details of the various camera setting used to obtain the images.
Following a discussion afterwards, everyone agreed that this had been a very worthwhile evening as we had all learned a lot from this tutorial, thanks to Canon.