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First Competition of the New Season 2020/2021

Due to the on going pandemic our regular meetings have, like so many other clubs, had to be cancelled.
But we are determined to carry on with our Competitions and with the co-operation of our long standing Judges, we devised a plan to safely hold our first event.
All the prints were delivered to the Comp. Secretary and isolated for 72 hours before opening the box and preparing the entry, they were then delivered to the judge at home and he in turn isolated the box for a further 72 hours before opening and carrying out his assessment of the work, making written comments on each entry. When completed, they were collected from the judge and isolated for another 3 days by the Comp. Sec. before emailing each entrant the results and attaching a copy of their individual comments.
The PDI's were sent in by email and therefore not physically handled. They were then downloaded onto a CD for the judge to view.
John Harmsworth, a good friend of the Club was our Judge and his written comments and observations were much appreciated by us all and proved to be a very successful way to hold the event in these difficult times.
We look forward to our next Competition in the New Year.
The Winners can be found on the Competitions page.

David Mortimer