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Third Competition of the 2015/16 Season

On Monday 29th February members met at Sainsbury Community Hall for the Judging of our "Motion" Competition, a subject that proved challenging and provided an entry of diverse images across the classes.
Our Judge, Mike Birbeck, who is a regular visitor at the Club, chose to Judge "Off the Cuff" on the night, which always adds to the suspense as we never know what to expect. His constructive comments on our work together with his view on the pros and cons of fast or slow shutter speed to portray motion were well received.
Mike and his wife Gillian had brought along some of their own work to show us. Gillian presented her successful RPS Associate Panel which she had put together following a trip to the Dominican Republic. The fifteen images had been structured around the life and culture of the people, their way of life, homes and communities, away from the usual tourist routes. It was an inspiring panel and we all congratulated her on attaining this well deserved distinction
The Winners can be found on the Competitions page.

David Mortimer
Programme Secretary