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The World in your Garden

Members were entertained, at our last meeting, by a presentation of "Real" Photographs. Barbara Marchant shared some of her collection of flower and plant slides. She started with an image of a well known British garden flower, the Poppy, however this one was a much more exotic version, originating from the Middle East.
She moved on to flowers and plants that she had photographed over the years. Having lived for many years in Kent, many of the images were taken in gardens and parks in that area. Barbara gave us a variety of styles of photos from very detailed studies to artistic shallow depth of field images.
A lively banter continued through the evening about the various plants popular and Latin names, with Barbara usually having the last word!
The evening ended with a well earned tea and coffee break, and everyone agreed that it had been an informative and enjoyable meeting.
Thank you Barbara.

Stuart Warstat
Media Officer