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Nature Photography in the UK

Members met on Monday 2nd March for another PAGB Recorded Lecture, this time the subject was Nature and presented by one of the top nature photographers, Paul Keene.
The talk commenced with a detailed look at the equipment needed including cameras, lenses and pop up hides. Locations were discussed such as nature reserves and RSPB sites across the country, emphasis was placed on the welfare of the subject and that the photograph was secondary to this.
Many images were shown of garden birds, raptors and waterfowl.
In the second part Paul turned his attention to flowers, fungi, reptiles, invertebrates and mammals. Once again many excellent images were shown.
A trip to the Farne Islands yielded another collection of sea birds, close up, in flight and fishing.
Thanks to Paul's in-depth knowledge and passion for nature, we all felt this had been another inspirational and memorable night at the Club.