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72nd Annual General Meeting

The 72nd AGM of the Club was held on Monday 20th January and marked another year in our long history. Nearly all the members attended this important meeting to support and help plan for our future.
In his report, the Chairman said 2019 had been another very challenging year with the loss of several members. The membership although small compared with some other clubs, is still very enthusiastic and produces some high quality work.
Our programme throughout the year has been varied and catered for all levels and tastes with a good mix of competitions, lectures, demonstrations and projects. The open evenings also proved very popular with our guests and members of the public.
In summing up, members were reminded that we must all promote our club at every opportunity to attract new members to join us and share in our passion for photography.
Following the break, we had the opportunity to view the WCPF Inter Club DPIC Competition for last year. This highlighted the winning and highly placed entries from some of the 104 clubs in our Federation. Everyone agreed this had been another excellent collection of images to appreciate and inspire us all.