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An Evening with Sheila

Members and guests met on Monday 4th March to welcome back Sheila Haycox from Exeter for another evening of Audio Visual magic. Some seventeen sequences were shown during the evening to a very appreciative audience. These ranged from travel, documentary to humour.
We commenced with a short sequence of a derelict factory complete with graffiti art. Moving on to Swiss mountains in winter with their picturesque villages and majestic peaks.
Humour featured with 'Daisy the Elephant's day out' a very funny and creative sequence of an elephant riding in all sorts of transport from cars and planes to jetskis.
The mood changed with a visit to Terezin a concentration camp near Prague and the story how one woman helped the children in the camp through art and painting.
A romantic story was told next of Aunt Lucy and her love for a Venetian Gondolier. Moody landscapes in Scotland, a visit to the magnificent church of the 'Saviour on spilled Blood' in St Petersburg with its ornate paintings, mosaics and onion domes.
Many other sequences followed including the authors reminiscences of holidays spent at the seaside as a young girl, Cowes Regatta week with action amongst the racing yachts and a visit to Costa Rica with its colourful wildlife.
Another moving tribute was paid to the thousands of seamen who lost their lives on the North Atlantic Convoys between Scotland and Murmansk during the second world war and only in recent times received recognition from Russia in the form of a special medal for their bravery,
The final sequence took us to the red rock area of Australia and the Aboriginal Dreamtime with many illustrations of cave and rock paintings depicting the ancient indigenous peoples, animals and their sacred lands and taboos.
Everybody agreed that this had been another very enjoyable and entertaining evening at the Club.