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Final Competition of the Season

Members met on Monday 10th April for the last Competition of the season, the one that will decide the end of year awards.
The Judge for this Open Competition was once again a long standing friend and supporter of the Club, John Harmsworth from Wellington.
This time John has previously looked at the work submitted and made his decision before the night. Each print received helpful and constructive comments before the final placing's were announced.
The PDI's followed and once again some very helpful remarks were made about the work in this section, before revealing the results.
Following the coffee break, John and Heather showed us some 'Winter Wonderland' images from a holiday they had taken one February, to Austria. It had snowed heavily for four days. The snow over one and a half metres deep, had to be removed by hand, from the roofs of the Hotels and Houses due to the weight. Eventually the sun broke through and some stunning light transformed the scenery, picking out details, shapes and contours of the landscape and mountains.
In summing up, we all agreed it had ben another great club night, thanks to John and Heather.
The winners can be found on the Competitions page.