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My Take on Monochrome

Monday 23rd January saw the return to the Club of Chris Mowthorpe, from the Phoenix Group of Photographers, Taunton.
For many years Chris has specialized in Monochrome printing, originally in the Darkroom and now producing fully digital work.
The subjects presented ranged from minimalistic images of posts in snow and groynes on the seashore, to trees emerging through the fog to atmospheric landscapes. The use of long exposures helped to give the images a dreamy quality. Some of the photographs were given a sepia tone to give a timeless feel to the work.
All the work shown was of a very high standard and we all congratulated him on this. It was also interesting to see some comparisons between work in progress and the final images, this gave us an insight into the thoughts behind the work and what the photographer was trying to convey in the final print.
The evening inspired members to ask for a Mono only competition in our next seasons programme, which is very encouraging indeed.