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Start of the New Season

On Monday 10th October members gathered for the first meeting of the new season. The first part of the evening was devoted to viewing the results of the Summer Project in which each member had drawn at random, a card containing a different subject to portray. This varied from photographing every day items found around the home to creating adverts for a glossy magazine to illustrating favourite Bond theme tunes. All those who had participated agreed it had been challenging, and a lot of fun.
Following the coffee break, we had the opportunity to view a PAGB recorded lecture by Pam & Eddie Lane. Their AV sequence, "Kingdom of the Ice Bear" focused on several trips they had made aboard the historic icebreaker, "MV Stockholm" around the Island of Svalbad, inside the Arctic Circle. Many images were shown of the iconic Polar Bear with their cubs. Walrus, Seals and many different species of birds were also seen as well as stunning images of Icebergs, sea cliffs and Aurora skies.
All agreed it had been a memorable evening to start off the season.

David Mortimer